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Now I'm Really Mad! 2nd (Paperback)

Now I'm Really Mad! 2nd (Paperback)

Are you looking for a book to help teach kids how to cope with feelings of anger, meltdowns or tantrums? Then this is the book for you!

When children get angry, experience meltdowns or tantrums it can make kids feel out of control! This why parents seek help and resources to help their children. The good news is kids can learn skills to help them manage and control their feelings that often lead to those emotional outburst.

Now I'm Really Mad! is the perfect book to teach young children how to deal with their strong feelings. This book is written in clear language, and makes use of repetition to maintain reader interest. The simple, colorful pictures are appealing to children's eyes, and will encourage them to ask for the book to be read again and again.

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