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If You’re Going to Be Me Tomorrow...

If you were going to be me tomorrow, you’ll need to know the following:

You’ll wake up at 4:30 like you do every morning. You’ll make your smoothie and sit down in front of the computer. Your first order of business will be to check your email, respond to it, and set up the day’s posts for social media. Then you’ll get started with what I call “creative,” which is basically brainstorming post ideas in search of the perfect words and images that will brighten someone’s day or just make them laugh and smile.

About an hour later, your son will wake up and lay on your chest. He will continue the conversation he was having when he fell asleep. You’ll smile, say good morning.

Then he’ll ask you what day it is. If today is Tuesday, you’ll tell him “yes, today is Tuesday!” Then you’ll look at him with such much love in your eyes that you won’t have any choice but to wonder how on earth you got so blessed as to have him as your son. He’ll smile again, even wider than before, because that really is all he ever wants in this world—to see you smiling and happy.

As you look at the clock, you’ll realize your Kickstarter is only hours away. You wonder how you’ll have enough time to finish all of the things on your to do list. You’ve been working on this for the past 10 months

You know that in less than 4 hours, Jair’s Collections will launch its Kickstarter campaign. Your team has been working so hard, and you've done everything in your power to ensure the campaign will be a success... but still, you're filled with apprehension.

You’ll think?

Will the campaign be enough to make it? Have you done enough? Will the community respond favorably to your book? Will the Kickstarter succeed?

You'll tell yourself that you’ve done everything in your power to be prepared and continue working. Your son comes in with his tablet, asking for help with an app. You smile because his voice is so darn cute when he asks for help; all your worries disappear. You remind him to use the bathroom before he uses his tablet again.

Today is the day.

The truth is, launching a Kickstarter campaign is both terrifying and exciting. There are so many unknowns: Will people like the idea enough to support it? Will they actually want it in their home? Will they tell their friends? Will people who see it on Kickstarter decide they want it enough to be one of the first ones to pledge? Most importantly, will we reach our goal?

If you were going to be me tomorrow you would need to know that you gave this your all and no matter the outcome; know that with all the problems in the world, you created something to solve some.

Yet, most importantly, tomorrow you’ll know you son will come in there tomorrow and give you the biggest hug and kiss at the start of your day!

Our Kickstarter is live in less than 24 hours! I’d love your support! Head down to and be sure to click the “notify me on launch” button to get an email the moment it’s live to support! We can’t wait!

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