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About Us


We're always working hard to bring you the best children's books. Our goal is to publish literature that promotes emotional intelligence and mental health, helps develop literacy skills, and offers representation of Black and Brown kids in every book we create.


Jair's Collections is a combination of everything I needed to hear growing that would have guided me to a better and healthier mental state in my life.


Children are the future. By helping them develop a healthy mindset, we can ensure their success and the eventual success of our society as a whole.




Our Story

I was a teacher in Chicago, and after I had my child, I suffered from post-partum depression and sought therapy to address my deep-seated problems. Therapy opened my eyes to destructive patterns in my life, and I soon discovered that I lacked basic emotional intelligence, which factored into my poor mental health.


As I explored this topic, I noticed how little resources there are on this topic and wanted to make my own. I wrote these books out of love for Jair and began publishing them out of love for all children.

Jair’s Collections specializes in producing children’s books that focus on emotional intelligence, mental health, inclusiveness, and faith-based understanding for children. The goal of all Jair's products is to provide tools that allow children to understand the validity and normalcy of their feelings. It is our hope that it also serves as a reminder to adults and caregivers that children's mental health and emotions should be taken into great consideration and handled with care.

Our Mission

With an ever-changing world, kids are struggling now more than ever to find their place in society. And unfortunately, they're expected to succeed in school with little support for the development of their emotional well-being.

We believe in the foundation that the “whole child goes to school”; meaning that all parts children need to be developed. It is during childhood that kids are most impressionable and develop their ideologies about the world.


Jair’s Collections goal is to reimage families with social emotional learning (SEL). mental disorders in children are on the rise, we are dedicated to providing resources that foster healthy social emotional learning and normalize mental health to increase representation of all communities in our books. While increasing diversity in children's publishing, the organization also fights for better reading conditions for kids who live in poverty.

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Now I'm Really Mad

Also Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Rita is always getting angry at her baby sister. Rita screams, cries and shouts to tell everyone how she feels. But when her parents decide to help her discover how to use big girl words, Rita will discover calmer, better new ways to express her emotion.

Combining a thoughtful and valuable lesson with a fun story and colorful illustrations, this adorable children’s book helps teach children about managing their anger and expressing themselves in calm, constructive ways. Kids will love discovering Rita’s story and all the practical “big girl” ways she learns to express her anger.

News, Views and More

Book Signing at Dusable Museum 

Join us on Saturday, October 9th at 11am for a book signing with author J.J. Shegog children's book "Now I'm Really Mad". The event will feature various author present to answer your questions.
The event is free and it will be held at Dusable Museum located in Chicago, IL.
All are welcomed to attend this free event!

We had the pleasure of reading this wonderful children’s book by the teen author Zoe Yu.

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